Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Useful tools for the ER

Very important tools that I work with:

1.      Tarascon Adult Emergency Pocketbook

2.      Rapitube Adult and Pediatric RSI dosing guide

3.      Dose Right Adult Vasopressors/Inotropes dosing guide

4.      Of course my IPhone with downloaded app. Rapitube

Tarascon is the quick guide for treatment of most disease or disease process in the emergency room. It will quickly guide you through without any candy coated bullcrap.

Rapitube: this is for RSI Rapid sequence intubation and this is pre-calculated

Dose Right: this is for the vasopressors/inotropes that you would use in shock, ACLS, etc. It is also pre-calculated and if you can do these in your head or even quickly without this tool wow to you.

Here are some quick links:

Search Amazon.com for tarascon emergency department quick reference guide

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