Monday, September 26, 2011

Blue Hands and Legs

Busy day in the ER only means that the ridiculous will soon be into the er. It is like a vortex and you must be sucked in and the forces that be are not happy until you are consumed.

On one of these such days a woman and her friends showed up in Triage frantic that her hands were blue as well as her legs. When asked if she felt any different or felt anything at all her response was, “well no, but my hands are blue and my legs are too.” Of course the normal triage questions commenced, but from the beginning of her walking into the ER, I thought that I knew what the problem was.

Ma’am, how long have you had those pants? Her face changes as if I gave a complement on her nice, obviously new blue jeans. She smiles while tilting her head and says, “Oh, I just got these.” That’s nice, however they are the culprit to your blue hands and legs. Dumbfounded and disbelief was the look. As they all began to laugh and carry on, all I could do was shake my head. This was their life threatening problem.

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